In celebration of St Patrick’s Day, Blossom & Wood is sharing personal tips on being green! Even though we really enjoy drinking green beer and wearing our lucky green socks, we are feeling inspired to GO GREEN all year round. Check out ideas from Blossom & Wood’s board members on ways they incorporate environmentally friendly practices into their everyday lives.

In the kitchen

Reduce Plastic Baggies and Trash: Meghan, Vice President, reuses containers that her groceries come in to reduce her use of plastic baggies and Tupperware. She prioritizes glass containers for leftovers – added plus: leftovers look more enticing in a nice mason jar! Miriam, President Emeritus, uses reusable “unpaper” towels to replace paper towels and napkins.

Compost: For the few paper towels Miriam does use, she composts those along with food scraps. While many of our board members compost at home, Hillside Solutions has a composting club in the Omaha area that makes composting your food scraps easy and doesn’t require you to have a compost bin in your yard. Anna, Board Advisor, set up composting at her workplace.

Recycle: Recycling is something all our board members strive to do. Anna goes one step further and uses the Hefty EnergyBag program to recycle plastics and foam that are not normally collected in Omaha.

In the laundry room

Use Cold Water: Sarah, Blossom & Wood’s President, washes her family’s clothes in cold water to reduce energy needed for hot water.

Reduce Laundry Waste: Amy, our board Secretary, uses wool dryer balls to reduce the number of dryer sheets used. And Sarah’s choice of cloth diapers in place of disposable diapers makes a huge environmental impact – using cloth diapers saves over 7000 disposable diapers from going to landfill (and sitting there for over 500 years.)

Eat Consciously

Grow Food Not Lawns: Tracey, Executive Director and Urban Farmer, dedicates most of her private property to growing organic food, including Nebraska native plants using permaculture techniques and raising chickens in place of growing a large lawn. Sabastian, our newest board member, grows microgreens at home – a microgreen kit is perfect for small spaces and the beginning gardener.

Eat Less Meat: Sabastian also aims to eat in a way that helps the environment. He eats a Pescatarian diet and chooses to avoid eating meat except for fish – research [TA3] shows that industrial agricultural production of beef and pork greatly impacts greenhouse emissions.

With the kids

Be A Leader: Tracey includes her daughter when tending to her garden and chickens and teaches by example. Other great ways to lead by example are showing your kids how to recycle, pick up trash and stress the importance of not littering. Tracey is passionate about “teaching the next generation to protect natural resources and animal habitats – it will help secure a future for generations to come.”

Recycle Clothing: We all know how many clothes kids outgrow! Sarah buys second-hand clothes and toys – and in turn, donates back to help reduce clothing and packaging waste that comes with new clothes and toys. (Bonus! Places such as B2B will pay for donated toys, clothes and shoes.)

Carpool, Walk or Bicycle: Meghan tries to carpool as much as possible, combining her family’s errands together to reduce the amount of driving she does. Amy and her kids map out fun activities, grocery stores, parks and places to eat within a 5-mile radius of their home and prioritizes walking or biking with her family to those favorite spots. She even bought bike accessories so that her youngest child can participate without getting too tired.

Don’t forget the dogs!

Food Scraps: Amy likes to use dog-safe food scraps as treats for her 3 dogs, like carrot tops, salmon skin, or zucchini ends.

Upcycle: Other treat options Amy likes to give her dogs use upcycled restaurant scraps that help reduce food waste, like the ones from Biscuit Bellies, and she buys toys and dishes from CycleDog that are made from recycled materials .

Blossom & Wood Board Members are excited to continue to share the ways we contribute to being green, no matter how small, in hopes it inspires others. Keep the discussion going and give suggestions on how you “Go Green” on our Facebook page.

* Blossom & Wood is not affiliated with any of the companies listed and receives no compensation. Any links are provided are only suggestions – just because we personally enjoy using these products!

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