Mullhall's Seed Swap

Updated: Mar 6

This past Saturday, Feb. 26, Blossom and Wood joined Whispering Roots at Mullhall's Nursery for a free seed exchange. Community members dropped off extra seeds they had on hand, and then attended the "swap" to pick up new seeds at the nursery.

B+W volunteer Jamison Mahoney was there to distribute seeds and information to the community, along with V.P. Meghan McLarney, and Tracey Bendams, owner of Benson Food Forest.

A large assortment of seeds were donated, both ornamental and edible, including cosmos, bachelor buttons, milkweed, hollyhocks, dozens of sunflower varieties and other asters, several types of beans, corn, and other garden favorites.

Leftover seeds at the end of the event were donated to Whispering Roots, a non-profit organization who works to fight food insecurity in the Omaha area. Their mission statement explains they are "dedicated to bringing healthy fresh food, nutrition education, innovative agriculture techniques and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) education to students and residents living in urban and rural socially and economically under served communities."

B+W volunteer Jamison Mahoney and Tracey Bendams at the Mulhall's Seed Swap

If you're ready to start planning your garden but missed out on the Mullhall's Seed Swap, we have good news for you! Several of Omaha's public libraries participate in the Common Soil Seed Library, which offers open-pollinated seeds to anyone with a library card, free of charge. You can even search the catalog and reserve your seeds online at your favorite branch!

Comment below to let us know what you're planning on planting this spring, and check out our Planting Guides for info on some garden favorites!

Read about the Seed Swap in a write-up by

B+W V.P. Meghan McLarney and Benson Food Forest owner Tracy Bendams at the Seed Swap

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